We follow a basic structure plan where we discuss with the clients:

  1. Ideal target market
  2. Discuss locations + sizes + costs + advertising period (min 1 month contract)
  3. Design and execute the project

Advertising on unique spots

Part of our business strategy is to give our clients value for their money. We have partnered up with property agents that specialise in selling and sending spaces to local businesses and upcoming businesses to exhaust their avenues to market their services.

We researched our clients needs and find billboard advertising can be very expensive at times, also locations can be in the negative locations at times that does not give the businesses the exposure promised to them.

Digital Board Advertising

We extend our services beyond local advertising, which in may places are publicly still being used on billboards and general flyer drops.

We have started to offer advertising spaces on various digital screens across Leicestershire and extending our services out of Leicestershire and nationally in the next 6 to 12 months.

Our prices are available on request based on;

  • Advertising time slots
  • What seasons
  • What months
  • A variety of lengths to select from. Which vary from 30 second adverts to a 1 minute or more depending on your budget

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