Graphic Design

We follow a simple process and guidelines, where we put our clients ideas first, If they have any input. If they do not have any ideas, we recommend options and ideas going forward.

Product Design/ Packaging ideas

We have an eye for packaging ideas that keep us in the marketing field. We have designed for many local businesses ranging from, food packaging, hair product branding, drinks designs, Clothing design from Leisure to luxury, Packaging for international exports of fruit and vegetables.

Digital Board Advertising

We extend our services beyond local advertising, which in may places are publicly still being used on billboards and general flyer drops.

We have started to offer advertising spaces on various digital screens across Leicestershire and extending our services out of Leicestershire and nationally in the next 6 to 12 months.

Our prices are available on request based on;

  • Advertising time slots
  • What seasons
  • What months
  • A variety of lengths to select from. Which vary from 30 second adverts to a 1 minute or more depending on your budget

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Our Graphic Design Services

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